Free Montessori Gentle Halloween Printables and Other Activities

Free Montessori Gentle Halloween Printables and Other Activities

Happy Halloween! This post has free gentle Montessori Halloween printables as well as other activities for the very young through age 7.


First, for the youngest learners, here are some ideas for reinforcing the color orange with today’s events.  I adapted an idea I have seen on Pinterest taping a tube to the fridge. I put orange paper around the tube and drew a pumpkin on it.  The idea is to mention the word orange as the child drops the colored puff ball down the tube.  According to Scientific American, we fail to teach color words to our children when we put the color word prior to the noun in a sentence.  So I tried to say, “that is the puff ball that is orange.”  It is so natural to say “orange ball” that I had to keep reminding myself. The idea with this activity was just to help identify the color orange.

Here is the tube on the fridge.  Children seem to instinctively know exactly what to do!


Then, the orange puff balls were provided.


Where did the orange puff ball go?


Children are engaged with pumpkins and this holiday, so take advantage of their attention and sneak in some learning. Five little pumpkins is a fun rhyme to say with children at this time of the year.  Here I just drew pumpkins on bottle caps to represent the pumpkins. Again, moving them one by one to the little bucket was the natural thing to do!

5 little pumpkins

She even checked her work without any prompting!


Here is the FREE printable for Five Little Pumpkins with some Montessori counting cards. This printable opens right here.




Next are some free Montessori matching cards with a Halloween theme.  The pictures are not scary and are based entirely on pumpkins.



Here are some free Montessori 3-part cards with a pumpkin theme.  This printable opens here.



Thank you for reading!

Carolyn Wilhelm


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Recipe Cari boucane from Reunion Island

Recipe Cari boucane from Reunion Island

We recently had the pleasure of enjoying a traditional meal from the French Reunion Island as prepared from someone who has lived there several years. Saffron, thyme, tomato, potato, white rice, garlic, onion, and bacon prepared in the traditional way made a lovely meal and cultural experience for us. It was delicious!

Recipe-Cari-boucane-from-Reunion-IslandThis is the recipe as remembered by the person who cooked this meal.  The bacon had to be purchased at the butcher as it was un-sliced, as not just any bacon will do.  She was able to use some of the garlic and onions from our community supported agriculture (CSA) summer produce program, as well.

Here is the recipe as a printable: Reunion-Island-meal-recipe

Cari boucane


1 and half to 2 lbs of un-sliced smoked bacon

3 medium onions finely chopped

2 large tomatoes (or 3 medium) finely chopped

1 whole head of garlic (crushed)

Thyme black pepper and salt to taste

1 TSBP saffron

3 medium potatoes chopped

1 TBSP Oil

Boil the bacon once or twice to desalt.

Set aside the chopped tomatoes and saffron combined.


On a cutting board, cut the bacon in bite size pieces.


In a large pan, heat the oil and fry the bacon stir and cook until well cooked  (medium high heat).

If necessary, drain the bacon and remove excess oil.

Stir in the chopped onion and cook until melted and starts to caramelize.


Add crushed garlic thyme, black pepper and salt and cook for about 5 minutes or so.

Then add the tomato and saffron mixture and cook for about 5 to 10 minutes until tomatoes are melted.

Add potatoes and add about 1 cup of water.


Cook on low for about 20 to 30 min.


Serve over rice.


Here is the final result on a traditional cloth tablecloth and napkins, from the island. Beautiful!


While mom cooked, Little Princess was busy working with color activities. In this one, she is matching puff balls to felt colors.

Little Princess working with colors red, blue, and yellow

Keeping busy while mom cooks!


Where does the red lid go?  Where does the blue lid belong?


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Carolyn Wilhelm

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Free Montessori Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards in English and in French

Free Montessori Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards in English and in French

Realistic Animal Photos Version of this Printable

Halloween-night-is-it-here-yet As night falls earlier, we are out during darkness, and may see nocturnal creatures. Prior to Halloween, take the children outside to enjoy the wonders of nature at night so they will be more comfortable that night. Help them enjoy the beauty of the evening. Animal costumes are popular at Halloween, also, as the cutie in the this picture.  Take advantage of such opportunities and explain to the children information like when dressed as mice, they are dressed like nocturnal animals. Because the child pictured is being raised as a French/English bilingual child, this printable is in both languages.

The cards are in English and French, in entirely separate sections.

So, I learned many homeschools and Montessori teachers prefer realistic pictures on 3-part cards, so I have made a free printable with real photos.  The free preview will also open at the link for the free printable.


Here are some photos of the materials in use.  First, the 3-part cards with realistic animal photos in English on a Montessori rug. The rug is used to help define work space for children in Montessori classrooms. There are more pictures about using these rugs at this post by Living Montessori Now.  English-3-part-cards-nocturnal-animals

Placing the cards on a tray in small containers helps the children more easily work with the cards, as the materials are organized ahead of time for them to use.


Next, is a photo of the French 3-part cards in use on a Montessori rug.


And now a photo of the French 3 part cards with animal photos in use on a tray.


Here is the preview of most of the French cards:
realistic-nocturnal-animals-in-French-and-English-preview_Page_3Here is the preview of most of the English cards:

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Montessori Monday
If you are interested, please also check out my free cartoon animals version of this printable, also free.

Thank you for reading!

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Nocturnal Animals Free Printable 3 Part Cards in English and French

Nocturnal Animals Free Printable 3 Part Cards in English and French Cartoon

Cartoon Clip Art Version


This nocturnal animals free 3-part cards printable in English and French was inspired by Little Owl’s Night, a board book by Divya Srinivasan. So many children’s books are written about daytime activities, and this one really shows the dark night. In the fall, nature centers have activities and animal demonstrations which include owls, bats, and other nocturnal animals. School lessons often feature these creatures in October, as well. The children are curious about the seasonal changes.

NOTE:  SEE THE NEW FREE  Realistic VERSION OF THIS PRINTABLE at this link.  Thanks!

The animals included in the book are:  owl, possum, hedgehog, skunk, beaver, turtle, raccoon, bear, frog, cricket, fox, and bat. Rooster crows at dawn, but little owl is fast asleep.  The moon, stars, and moon flowers are also in the story. It is important for children to see stars at night!  It is also important to point out the moon at night as well as in the day.  First graders often have to be convinced the moon is not only out at night, but is sometimes visible during the day. The cards are in English and French, in entirely separate sections.

Below are photos and links to the cartoon pictures printable.

Link to free product on BuySellTeach.

Free 3 Part Cards in English


Here is an alternate activity using a Montessori rug. This is a picture of the English cards in use for a more independent reader who is matching the words and picture without support of the third card. After practice with the three cards, this activity would follow. alternate activity nocturnal-animal-in-English-3-part-cards-free

Free 3 Part Cards in French3-part-cards-French-nocturnal-animals

Here, also, are the French cards being used to match the word and picture which is an activity for more independent readers to follow practice with the three part cards. Emergent readers may be able to do this by noticing the initial and/or final sounds in the word without actually “reading” the entire word all the way through.

alternate activity French-free-3-part-cards-nocturnal-animals

Click on the link in the first paragraph or the picture below to download your copy!


Thank you to the Teaching FSL blog and TpT store for helping me with the French!

TeachingFSLThank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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