Nocturnal Animals Free Printable 3 Part Cards in English and French

Nocturnal Animals Free Printable 3 Part Cards in English and French


This nocturnal animals free 3-part cards printable in English and French was inspired by Little Owl’s Night, a board book by Divya Srinivasan. So many children’s books are written about daytime activities, and this one really shows the dark night. In the fall, nature centers have activities and animal demonstrations which include owls, bats, and other nocturnal animals. School lessons often feature these creatures in October, as well. As night falls earlier, we are out during darkness, and may see nocturnal creatures. Prior to Halloween, take the children outside to enjoy the wonders of nature at night so they will be more comfortable that night. Help them enjoy the beauty of the evening.

The animals included in the book are:  owl, possum, hedgehog, skunk, beaver, turtle, raccoon, bear, frog, cricket, fox, and bat. Rooster crows at dawn, but little owl is fast asleep.  The moon, stars, and moon flowers are also in the story. It is important for children to see stars at night!  It is also important to point out the moon at night as well as in the day.  First graders often have to be convinced the moon is not only out at night, but is sometimes visible during the day. The cards are in English and French, in entirely separate sections.

Free 3 Part Cards in English


Here is an alternate activity using a Montessori rug which helps define the space a student may use. This is a picture of the English cards in use for a more independent reader who is matching the words and picture without support of the third card. After practice with the three cards, this activity would follow. alternate activity nocturnal-animal-in-English-3-part-cards-free

Free 3 Part Cards in French3-part-cards-French-nocturnal-animals

Here, also, are the French cards being used to match the word and picture which is an activity for more independent readers to follow practice with the three part cards. Emergent readers may be able to do this by noticing the initial and/or final sounds in the word without actually “reading” the entire word all the way through.

alternate activity French-free-3-part-cards-nocturnal-animals

Click on the link in the first paragraph or the picture below to download your copy!


Thank you to the Teaching FSL blog and TpT store for helping me with the French!

TeachingFSLThank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Free 3-Part Cards Farm Theme in English and French

Free 3-Part Cards Farm Theme in English and French

It’s fall on the farm, and who better to share it with than young children!  I was lucky enough to go to the farm at a zoo with a tiny princess recently. With both English and French spoken at home,  she is being raised as a bilingual child.  So, today’s free 3-part card farm theme sets are in English and also in French. The English and French sections are entirely separate if you only want one set. It is so much fun to see the joy on a child’s face when watching her enjoy the animals and things to do at the farm. When you are two, everything’s new.

farm-blog-post-3-part-cards-infoMy free farm 3 part cards printable is for Pre-K through grade 1 opens at the link, or click on the picture below to download your copy. It is also available for free on BuySellTeach. However, Living Montessori Now has a blog post with farm animal theme ideas for babies and toddlers, so be sure to check that out as well.  Scroll down further on this post to find some photos of my printable in use.
free fall-at-the-farm-3-part-cardsThe set up can be done in a variety of ways, but this is one idea using different containers and a tray for matching all the cards.  Here, the animal sounds are being matched, but there are also cards to match the animal names.

3-part-cards-farm-printableThis is the same set up, but in French. 

French-3-part-cards-farm-themeFor lap books or interactive student notebooks, pockets are included in the printable to help organize the 3 part cards. 


Be sure to check out Living Montessori Now’s farm theme post for babies and toddlers!


Many thanks to the De Tout Et de Rien blog for French language help!

Enjoy!  Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Free Pre-K and K Animal and Habitat Match Printable

Free Pre-K and K Animal and Habitat Match Printable

Home-Sweet-Home-board-book-coverThis post has a free Pre-K and K animal and habitat match printable. I read a sweet owl board book, Home Sweet Home. It is a lift the flap and reveal story with four habitats. I thought children might like to create their own habitat scenes either to accompany this book or another.  The text is minimal and the scenes are well illustrated.  I could envision using small plastic animals in each two page spread.  The flaps are strong and not flimsy, so a young child could not wreck this book. Of course, this printable may be used with similar stories or an entirely different science lesson. The printable has four habitats, and 4 animals for each habitat.

free four habitats with animals, photo of printable in use

*Note:  The book has polar bears and penguins in the icy regions, but actually penguins are at the south pole, and polar bears are at the north pole.  They do not live in the same areas. 

free animal-habitat-match printable for Pre-K and K, 4 habitats and 16 animals

A good accompaniment for the animal habitat match would be the free Animal Theme Learning Fun, previously posted and now updated. Also free!

animal theme learning with graphing and Sudoku

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Fun Halloween Books Learning Round-Up

Fun Halloween Books Learning Round-Up

Halloween Read and Play Blog Hop

This post is part of an AWESOME Halloween Read and Play Blog Hop. There are activities for many favorite children’s Halloween stories. I am sharing a new non-scary printable that could accompany any Halloween story, Halloween fun in a tin.  Specifically, this printable is made to fit inside two Altoids tins if both pages are printed.  It is best if the pages are printed on card stock to give the small buildings and trick-or-treat characters some durability. The good thing about this is that no candy is involved, and it gives the children something to do while waiting for the big day.

For younger children, either the parent could cut out the pictures, or the child could bubble cut around the top portions.  Older children might like to help by cutting out the items for younger children. After printing, especially if only printed on copy paper, it is best to create a circle at the bottom of each figure and tape closed.  The little people could also be finger puppets that way, also. The buildings stand up more easily with just the tabs folded back.


Another idea with an Altoids tin is pictured, below, and I just used scraps and made up this little monster. He can be put to bed in his tin, covered with a blanket, and be told good night.  This idea is another way to deal with monsters at bedtime, such as the clever monster spray. I used scraps of felt, flat pieces of felt for the feet and ears, small buttons for decoration and eyes, and a tiny bit of stuffing.  Good night, monster!


Now for a short round of up of the Halloween type stories I have shared before on my blog, and a few other ideas.  The children are so excited in October and it is easy to work in some learning opportunities with their interest.

Halloween-Board-Books The Jenny Evolution has a nice post about the best board books for toddlers at  Halloween. It is an exciting time for toddlers… dressing up, eating candy. Wait a minute — they do that all the time! Something else toddlers love year round? Halloween books!This post has a list, and a link to get more book recommendations.
free matching cards for homonyms  Halloween brings along things such as questionable costumes and an overload of sugar, but it can also bring along more wholesome entertainment.  One such paragon is Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery by Debra and James Howe. Please find a free printable at this guest post by iReid.
Free Power Point to Accompany the children's book THE HOUSE IN THE NIGHT  The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson is a children’s book about being brave when home alone, and at night!  This book was not written for Halloween, but it would make a fun read on a dark October evening.  There is a FREE Power Point at the link, and I added a section that is similar to the story but with a Halloween twist.
free-monster-adjectives-printable Free printable monster adjectives with letter sized teaching posters for each word, and a printable game for your emergent readers to play. Click on the link or the picture to the left to download your copy. Use this after reading Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, and encouraging your child to describe the monsters.
Halloween Words free printable  This word activity is a way to play with Halloween words. There is a free printable at this link. There are four word families, and the kids use a different color crayon to circle each word family. This could accompany any Halloween story.
free-gentle-Halloween-bingo This free Halloween bingo printable is a non-scary version, appropriate for young audiences and family fun.  When you click on the link or the picture, the PDF will open right here.
 free printable for Stellaluna Stellaluna is a classroom favorite read near Halloween. This book is by Janell Cannon, and tells a story children relate to well, a baby bat has lost it’s mother and family.  A bird family adopts it, but they sleep right side up and they don’t eat good food! I revised my free printable for this post, and it will open right here.

Make sure to check out the other activities from fantastic bloggers!

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Adventures of Adam- Winnie the Witch- Multicolored Cat Project

Cutting Tiny Bites- Click, Clack, Boo!: A Tricky Treat- Sound Effects Box 

Cutting Tiny Bites- Click, Clack, Boo!: A Tricky Treat- Halloween Shadow Garland

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Kitchen Counter Chronicles- It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown- Great Pumpkin Bowling Game

Mama Smiles- Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?- Felt Board Activity and Coloring Pages

Craft Ideas for Kids- Spider Sandwiches- Halloween Sensory Play: Monster Pizza Parlour

Teach Beside Me- Inside a House That is Haunted- Haunted House Craft

One Time Through- Magic School Bus: Haunted Museum- Spooky Sound Experiments

Bare Feet on the Dashboard- Curious George Goes to a Costume Party- Costumes and Pretend Play

Where Imagination Grows- 5 Little Ghosts- Ghost Collages

Fireflies and Mud Pies- Scary Scary Halloween- Halloween Necklace Craft

Artsy Momma- Pippa the Pumpkin Fairy- Pumpkin Wand and Pumpkin Crafts

Royal Baloo- AlphaOops- Halloween Letter Puppets

Rubberboots and Elf Shoes- Skeleton Hiccups- Paper Chain Skeleton

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Little Bins For Little Hands- ABCs of Halloween- Sensory Bin

Mama Miss- Sheep Trick-or-Treat- Sheep Craft, Activity, and Snack

Pink Stripey Socks- Scaredy-Cay Splat the Cat- Spider Costume

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Kitchen Floor Crafts- Pumpkin Eye- Halloween Sticky Collage

Coffee Cups and Cratons- Spookley the Square Pumpkin- Glitter Pumpkin Sun Catchers

Wise Owl Factory- Bunnicula and others- Halloween Book Fun Learning Round Up

Planet Smarty Pants- The Picky Little Witch- Halloween Cupcakes

Study at Home Mama- 10 Halloween Books and 50 Activities

Don’t forget to check out the Halloween Read and Play Pinterest Board which features ALL these great activities!

Carolyn Wilhelm

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