Free Printable for Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor

Free Printable for Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor
Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor by Julia Anne Grasso

Julie Anne Grasso has a new book out entitled Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor.  Of course, I made a new free printable for this mystery for grades three and up.  I recommend this for any mystery unit and gifted education classes as the clues are so clever and higher level thinking skills are required for children to understand the plot and story resolution.  A wonderful discussion would be possible with the interesting clues and plot twists.

I have a new web page for Julie Grasso’s books with all my freebies for them. Did you know one of her other books, Escape from The Forbidden Planet is free for five days, right now on Amazon? You can get that book and the printable both free now.

The free printable for Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor is available here, and on BuySellTeach.

free printable for Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor Frankie Dupont wears a fedora hat, like all good detectives everywhere! Students find hats so interesting, so included in the printable is a page about hats as several different kinds are mentioned in the story.

free-hats-page-is-included-in-Frankie-Dupont-free-printableThis is the table of contents so you know what is included in the printable. Don’t forget to buy the book! The printable has a few pages that will be useful without the actual book, such as the hats page.

Pages 5-8 Character traits and answer keys

Page 9 Garden object creative writing

Page 10 For additional story pages or original stories

Page 12 The disappearing cars mystery writing

Page 13 For additional story pages or original stories

Pages 14-15 Venn diagram compare and contrast Frankie and Clueless

Pages 16-17 Venn diagram to compare and contrast the Enderby Manor in different dimensions

Pages 18-19 Name the hats

Pages 20-21 Amusing Alliteration

Pages 22-23 Thinking questions to discuss

Page 24 Gnome sweet gnome coloring page

Page 25 Word bank for puzzle pages

Pages 26-27 Word find and answer key

Pages 28-29 Crossword puzzle and answer key

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Harry and the Hot Lava Free Printable

Harry-and-the-Hot-Lava-by-Chris-RobertsonHarry and the Hot Lava Free Printable

Harry and the Hot Lava is a brand new children’s book by Chris Robertson. In this story of danger and “liquidy-melty” lava, a little boy is not able to escape it ANYWHERE.  The entire story takes place inside a house which adds drama as it seems he cannot escape.  The surprise ending is simply that the dangerous lava flow was all in his imagination. In this story, Mr. Robertson has captured the imagination of children perfectly. This book will be available on July 15, 2014.

Chris Robertson is an author and illustrator of Children’s Picture Books. Chris’s other books include “My Yellow Umbrella“, “I’ll Trade My Peanut-Butter Sandwich“, “Little Miss Liberty“, “Kit and Kaboodle“, and “The Tooth That’s on the Loose!” Chris has a humorous writing style, because he was inspired as a child by books such as “Curious George“, “Madeline”, and “Harry the Dirty Dog.”  Children find the stories engaging. 

Harry and the Hot Lava is a good story for pointing out verbs, adjectives, and prepositional phrases.  I decided to make my free printable about verbs and adjectives, so pocket chart cards for both are included.  I made a word find and a cut-and-paste sorting page, also.   I think the children could apprentice Mr. Robertson’s story and write similar stories themselves. Children have “writerly lives,” also, and could grow up to write books like Mr. Robertson. I’m sure he would be please if that happened!

The book is available for pre-order now.  In the meantime, you can have some fun in the kitchen with a free “volcano” science activity. This is just a fun activity children enjoy.

volcano fun the kitchen for children to think like a scientist

I have previously written about another of Chris Robertson’s books, My Yellow Umbrella. I made a free similes printable for that book.
reebie-Harry-and-the-Hot-Lava-by-RobertsonNote:  I buy the books I review.  I was provided with an advance copy as this book will be released on July 15th.  I have also pre-ordered this book.  I am not an Amazon affiliate and do not make money from book sales.  

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm


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Plant a Pocket of Prairie

Plant a Pocket of Prairie


Plant a Pocket of Prairie was written by Phyllis Root, and illustrated by Betsy Bowen. I bought this book at the Betsy Bowen Studio in Grand Marais, MN, and the book is so new it isn’t even on her web site as yet. If you are ever in Grand Marais, you can see Betsy’s art studio and shop in person.  She shares recently finished book pages on her Facebook page, as well, if you don’t happen to be in town.

So, of course, I just had to make a free printable. There are two pictures so you can see all that is included in this free 40 page prairie sorting and interactive notebook printable pages.  Photos of the materials in use are included in the PDF. pocket-of-prairie-info-photoThe last part has the student interactive notebook pages.  There is one printable PDF which has the pages in the above picture and the pages in the picture, below.pocket-of-prairie-info-photo-interactive-notebook-pages options-for-prairie-cards Here is a link to another recent book by Phyllis Root and Betsy Bowen, THE BIG BELCHING BOG. Betsy-Bowen-Studio-in-Grand-MaraisThank you for reading, Carolyn Wilhelm

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Summer Writing A to Z with QR Voice Codes

Summer Writing A to Z with QR Voice Codes

QR codes are very popular and many classrooms have been able to get iPads with apps to read them through grants or school budgets.  Sometimes there is only one iPad in a classroom.  What to do?  One thing that can be done is to use the iPad in a center.  I have written two summer writing printables that incorporate QR Voice codes, which are wonderful for the emergent readers, or just to help increase engagement.  Have you see my free printable for writing and QR Voice Codes at this post?  Or my free printable about how to make and use QR Codes for classroom use?

Today I have a new summer writing with QR voice codes product exclusive to BuySellTeach, and the demo at this link has a free writing award printable for teachers and homeschools to use.  The printable is black and white, and a black and white writing award is included.  It is a good idea to keep writing skills fresh over the summer!

Summer Writing A to Z for K-2

Each QR voice code in this printable has the word twice, followed by a sentence.  The children can hear the words by using a QR Reader Scanner.  Here is sample of one of the pages:


Find your free color printing writing award at this product link by downloading the preview file. It is on page 6.

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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New Activities Book for Kids and Freebie

New Activities Book for Kids and Freebie

101 Kid's Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! By Holly Homer and Rachel MillerThere is a new activities book for kids that is great for summer and for adults who have or work with kids.  Kid’s Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! This book was written by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller, and you may already be familiar with their Kid’s Activity Blog. This book has some of their very best ideas. Parents, babysitters, grandparents, and scout leaders all can get new and engaging ideas from this book. Such fun ideas! The authors have included large, colorful pictures and helpful descriptions as well.

I had to make a free printable to accompany the book, of course, and so I decided to do something with their townhouse building blocks idea (pages 52-53).  This printable has windows, doors, and more that can be taped onto odds and ends of wood from building projects.  Of course, the wood pieces should be sanded for use by children.

free printable for the book by Holly Homer and Rachel MillerThis book is now available in bookstores everywhere, and I bought it at Drury Lane Bookstore in Grand Marais, MN.



Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm


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Summer Round-up A to Z and Free Printable

Summer Round-up A to Z and Free Printable

Giveaway by Kid Blogger NetworkThis post has an A to Z round up of summer learning fun, a free writing printable with summer words and QR voice codes, and a huge giveaway. Scroll down a little for the free printable.  The A to Z links and linky are all intended to help families have educational summer fun.  Then, the giveaway is at the bottom of the post with hundreds of ways to enter.

summer-a-to-z-learning-fun-round-up-blog-postIt is time for KBN giveaway with prizes!  Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter the giveaway and learn more.  KBN is the Kid Blogger Network, and this giveaway begins June 20, 2014 and continues through July 9, 2014. First, I have prepared a FREE QR Codes summer words freebie so everyone gets a prize.  This should help motivate students to work their writing this summer.  QR codes help make the learning more engaging.  The printable is black and white, and has options for different sizes of writing lined paper.



Now, for links from A to Z for summer learning fun brought to you by KBN members.

letter a b peach-prints-link-to-blog-post A is for Art: The Pleasantest Thing blog has a post about using peaches for peach printing in the summer at this link. She has several photos and instructions for you. letter b by thistle girls beach-bugs-image-and-link-to-blog-post B is for Bugs: A Mommy’s Adventures read the book BEACH BUGS by David A. Carter, and worked on a sandcastle creation using actual sandpaper. of13_letter_C hot-summer-day-fun-crayon-melts-by-teachmama C is for Crayon Melts:  Teach Mama has a blog post with step by step photos and information about making crayon melts in the hot summer sun. of13_letter_D dental-health-crafts-by-Ingles-360-blog D is for DYI:  Here is a DYI dental health project by the Ingles 360 blog.  Summer is a great time for dental check-ups that don’t interfere with school schedules. of13_letter_E egg-carton-ice-cream-cone-craft-by-Crystals-Tiny-Treasures E is for Egg carton ice cream craft by Crystal’s Tiny Treasures.  Find the blog post with step by step photos and information at this link. of13_letter_F one-fish-two-fish-blog-post-to-a-mommys-adventure F is for Fish: A Mommy’s Adventures read the book ONE FISH, TWO FISH by Dr. Seuss, and worked on a painting project. Check out the blog post with step by step information for the art project.of13_letter_G Free-Summer-Bookmarks-Count-and-Graph-and-Reading-Charts G is for graphing:  Find a free printable with a summer count and graph printable  and a free printable sports survey and graphing, on Teachers Pay Teachers. of13_letter_H start-house-for-hermit-crab-and-link-to-blog-post H is for House and Hermit Crab: A Mommy’s Adventures read A HOUSE FOR A HERMIT CRAB by Eric Carle.  Check out the blog post for step by step information to create this lovely art project.  of13_letter_I musical-rainstick-craft-by-Crystals-Tiny-Treasures I is for Interesting musical rain stick craft by Crystal’s Tiny Treasures.  of13_letter_J  4th-July-by-Crystals-Tiny-Treasures J is for July 4th ideas by Crystal’s Tiny Treasures blog.  This post is written about celebrating in Northern Ireland! of13_letter_K how-to-host-a-summer-reading-book-swap-event-by-teachmama K is for Kick off summer with a book swamp event:  Teach Mama has a blog post with all the helpful tips to host a successful book swamp. of13_letter_L how-to-cut-a-watermelon-by-mama-smiles L is for Learn:  Learn to how to cut a watermelon on the Mama Smiles blog. of13_letter_M how-to-make-summer-reading-fun-for-your-kids M is for Make summer reading fun:  Check out this blog post by Teach Mama for helpful information. of13_letter_N how-to-make-a-sea-shell-necklace-by-Crystals-Tiny-Treasures-blog N is for Necklace:  This blog post by Crystal’s Tiny Treasures describes how to make a seashell necklace. of13_letter_O on the beach Summer-time-board-game-by-Ingles-360 O is for On the beach:  This is a link to a free printable on the beach summer game on Teachers Pay Teachers by Teachable Moments in English and Spanish. of13_letter_P peach-sensory-bin-from-suzy-homeschooler-link-to-blog-post P is for Peaches: Suzy Homeschooler enticed her daughter to eat peaches by introducing a peach pit sensory bin.  Read about what she put in the bin and see the proof her daughter now eats peaches at the blog post.  letter Q  world-culture-for-kids-the-gold-coast-in-queensland-australia-by-mama-smiles Q is for Queensland, Australia: This world culture for kids blog post by Mama Smiles has kid-friendly photos and information about Queensland.of13_letter_R free-summer-learning-round-up-blog-post R is for resources:  Check out this blog round up by Ready Set Read for FREE summer learning ideas! of13_letter_S play-sand-castle-and-link-to-blog-post S is for Sandcastle: The Pleasantest Thing blog has a post about making sandcastles in a bag, see the information hereof13_letter_Tsandpaper-christmas-tree-ornaments-kids-link-to-blog-post T is for Trees: Sandpaper trees are fun to make any time of the year!  This blog post with step by step photos is for Christmas trees, and this idea would be great for different seasons of the year. of13_letter_U umbrella-with-books-for-indoor-or-outdoor-reading-fun U is for Umbrella:  Find a free similes printable at this Wise Owl Factory blog post about the children’s book My Yellow Umbrella by Chris Robertson. of13_letter_V vertical lines picture and link to blog postV is for vertical lines:  Teach your child to draw vertical lines using tips from the Ready Set Read blog post. of13_letter_W waldorf-hand-kite-diy-link-to-blog-post W is for Waldorf Hand Kites: Study at Home Mama has a post about Waldorf hand-kites that she used in a special way.  of13_letter_X free_printable_for_the_kissing_hand X is for Kiss:  The Kissing Hand free printable for summer’s end and back to school–OPENS RIGHT HERE. of13_letter_Y my-summery-sentences-free-pack-by-Ingles-360 Y is for You love to write:  This blog post by Ingles 360 blog has information about where to find the free summery sentences print and go pack printable. of13_letter_Z zoo animal crackers summer snack idea by Ready Set Read Z is for Zoo Cookies: Ready Set Read’s blog has a zoo cookies summer snack idea at this blog post.

Win one of three $500 cash prizes directly in your paypal account! This giveaway is open internationally. You must be 18+ years old to enter. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Free Printable Patriotic Roller Coaster Ride

Free Printable Patriotic Roller Coaster Ride

Otherwise known as take fireworks on a roller coaster ride! For Flag Day on June 14th and the 4th of July, here is an easy art project idea to help children celebrate the holidays.  By using strips of paper and taping or gluing them down so they look like a roller coaster or hills, stars and odds and ends may be added to give the effect of movement.  When the projects are finished, turn off the light, and shake a flashlight back and forth to make it appear the fireworks are flashing.  There are two options, one entirely made with construction paper, like this one: Patriotic-roller-coaster-ride-construction-paper-only Or using the free printable for today’s post, a project like this may be created: free-printable-roller-coaster-ride-4th-of-Jul   So, choose which or mix and match the printable and construction paper ideas. free-take-fireworks-on-a-roller-coaster-ride   And, by the way, have you seen the new Wise Owl Factory web site? I hope you visit soon.  There are freebie pages for the months of the year and also subject areas. wise-owl-factory-web-site-June-2014 Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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Pinterest Savvy by Melissa Taylor

Pinterest Savvy by Melissa Taylor

Pinterest Savvy by Melissa Taylor is a book I read about a year ago, and an update has just been released.  Please understand, I am not being compensated for this review and I buy the books I review on this blog.  I am not an Amazon affiliate, either.  I am writing because I found out this book will be free May 29 through June 2, 2014, and thought some of my readers may have an interest in learning more about Pinterest. Melissa writes the Imagination Soup blog, if you haven’t seen that as yet.

As an eternal student, I love learning.  I take classes online from UDEMY and even on Facebook.  Yes, Facebook. I belong to a group called Pinterest Savvy Rockstars on Facebook.  I pay the class fees to participate in these groups.  So, obviously, Pinterest Savvy Rockstars is led by Melissa Taylor, author of Pinterest Savvy.  I have taken classes on topics like SEO and Photoshop on UDEMY, as I hope to improve my blog.


By reading Pinterest Savvy, I learned how to make boards, what type of boards are best, how to focus the boards, how to re-pin, and how to avoid spam on Pinterest.  I learned about using hashtags, too, they aren’t only for Twitter.  I just read the newly revised book, and learned what Rich Pins are and how to get them.  I had heard the term but I didn’t understand what they were.  The rules for Pinterest have changed, and Melissa explains the rules in a way I can understand. The book covers everything from beginning on Pinterest to advanced uses.  There are links to examples of what is being discussed, which are visual and reinforce the learning.  If you are interested in Pinterest, I highly recommend this book. In the Facebook class, I am starting to figure out how to make my pins better (I have so many to re-do) and enjoy the discussion in the group.  We see examples of each other’s pins and learn how to improve our work.  Melissa has other online classes, too, such as an eye-catching pin webinar on June 18th, 2014. “Pinterest Savvy Rockstars is a great place to keep up with the latest Pinterest news and bounce ideas off of a group of genuine, committed Pinterest users.”
- MaryAnne,  Mama Smiles Blogger That’s all today, a tip about a free eBook! Thanks for reading, Carolyn

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How to Make and Use QR Code for Class Materials

How to Make and Use QR Code for Class Materials

Recently, or not so recently, someone asked me about how how to make lessons using QR codes. So many classrooms and schools have the technical ability for students to incorporate iPads in lessons.  Here is my free PDF of instructions about how to create QR codes with links, photos, and information for teachers who write curriculum and wish to make some resources for their classes.

If you can scan the QR code below, you will hear what it says.  There are free QR code generators for text and voice online.  All the information is in the printable.

QR code with a message to a student to hear when the code is scanned


Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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