Book 22: The Korean Cinderella & More Cinderella Stories

Korean Cinderella StoryThe Korean Cinderella

Full text at this link: by Shirley Climo, Illustrated by Ruth Heller

This book was important for my adopted Korean daughter when she was growing up.  Almost every culture has a Cinderella story.  This story doesn’t have a Fairy Godmother. In the version we read there was a toad, some birds, and a cow that each magically helped Pear Blossom.  Cinderella stories from different cultures would be great for any family, especially if stories from your culture can be located.




Hey!  There is even an Irish Cinderlad book, and an Egyptian Cinderella.  The books pictured here are all by the same author.

CinderladEgyptian CinderellaHere is one list of Cinderella stories

Happy Reading at Your House!

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