Book 40: How Big is a Foot?

How Big is a Foot?

How Big is a Foot?

How Big Is a Foot?

by Rolf Myller, Susan McCrath

This story is often read in Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade math classes.  The king (a ruler, get it?) wants to have a special surprise for the Queen’s birthday, a new bed.  No one had ever made a bed before, so the royal carpenter wasn’t sure how big it should be.  Also, another problem is that the 12-inch ruler and standardized measurement hasn’t been invented as yet.  Different people try using their own feet to measure, which doesn’t work, as feet are different lengths.  This story cleverly helps children begin to understand why there are standardized rulers!

This is a link to a wonderful math site with short math videos, which stop and allow the student to take a short quiz before the video continues.  This link is to the estimation of length lesson.

Happy reading!  Carolyn


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