Free Printable for Cézanne and the Apple Boy

Free Printable for Cézanne and the Apple Boy

photo of Cezanne and the Apple Boy cover

Cézanne and the Apple Boy

This post has a free printable for Cézanne and the Apple Boy by Laurence Anholt.

Cézanne and the Apple Boy is a picture book was written and beautifully illustrated by Laurence Anholt, and it includes pictures of paintings by Cézanne.  Children will enjoy this book simply for the pictures, but of course there is an interesting story!  The story is true and told from the eyes of the apple boy who is really Cézanne’s son. The reason the young Paul is called the apple boy is that Cézanne sees everything as shapes and sees as an apple.  In this story, Cézanne writes a letter to invite his son to visit.  As this was long ago, no adult accompanies the apple boy who even has to climb a mountain to find his father.  It is strange to think of such a thing today.  Cézanne is misunderstood and laughed at by the local people, but Vollard arrives and things begin to change.  By the end of the story the young Paul has grown up and is selling his father’s paintings for millions of dollars.

Here is my free PDF fill-in-the-blanks with words beginning with “ex” work page, answer key, and an apple and a tree with circle shapes for children to watercolor:  Cézanne and the Apple Boy PDF work and coloring pages FREE (photo below)

Free Printable for Cézanne and the Apple Boy

Also, here is a free skip counting printable with an apple theme.

Free Printable for Cézanne and the Apple Boy

This is the link that will open the counting apples Power Point.

free skip counting Power Point with an apple theme

Happy reading, Carolyn

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