Books 79 and 80: Hello Reader Books, Dr. Seuss’s ABC


FOOTPRINTS in the Snow

FOOTPRINTS in the Snow

Footprints In The Snow

by Cynthia Benjamin, Jacqueline Rogers (Illustrator)

This story is a Hello Reader level one book, for the beginning reader.  It is just an example of a learn to read book.  Hello Readers are leveled books, but do not use the same leveling system as the one typically used in primary classrooms.  However, they are easy for children to read, even if they first memorize the books, and later begin to read the words.

This is a link to an entire free set of learn to read power points FREE on TeachersPayTeachers.  Parents and teachers can get free logins and passwords to access the many free lessons on TpT (about 10,000).  These were Power Points I used when teaching grade one beginning readers.  They have the basic sight words, vowel sounds, digraphs, and so on that beginning readers must know.  These Power Points have hundreds of slides.  I hope some people find these helpful.

Did you know Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program where children can turn in a list of eight book titles they read and receive a free book?  Information is now online and there are teacher and parent information pages to download for free at:

Whenever beginning readers for children comes up, people ask me if they should still read to their children.  Yes.  Even if your child can read chapter books, please continue to read to your child.  It is really important as when adults read to children, that is not the only thing happening.  Adults can read a greater variety of books and expose children to many new learning opportunities.  The adult and child conversation about books shows the adult values learning and reading.  The modeling and enthusiasm by the adult helps children have positive attitudes about school, and whatever topic is being discussed.  Values are shared when reading, as well.  The list of reasons why parents should read to children is long!

Dr. Seuss's ABC BOOK

Dr. Seuss's ABC BOOK

Dr. Seuss’s ABC BOOK

by Dr. Seuss

I still have parts of the book memorized from reading it to children.  This book helps children learn initial sounds in words, rhyming sounds, the alphabet, and much more.  It is a fun book to read, and soon your child will be “reading” along with you. I remember it goes something like this:  “Big A, little a, what begins with A?   Aunt Annie’s Alligator, A . . A . . A   And:  Big C, little c, what begins with c?  Camel on the ceiling, C. . . C. . .C.”  There are ABC cards and variations of the book to accompany the story.  This is a link to Seussville online, with book activities for children.

You will be glad if you read to your child!  Carolyn

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